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Regina Lasaitis
Practitioner, Lecturer, Writer
Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine

MHSc, BAppSc, AdvDipNat, DBM, mNHAA

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You too can achieve amazing results. Together, we will create a plan that works with your lifestyle, but will also achieve balance and wellness in all aspects of your life.

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Regina Lasaitis Practitioner Herbal & Naturopathic Medicine

Patient testimonials

"I have been seeing Regina now or over 6 years for a variety of reasons. My husband is also a client of Regina's and I have lost count how many people I have referred to Regina, or as she is known in our house "my fabulous naturopath". Most recently she has provided me with herbs during both my pregnancies which I credit to my problem free and relatively quick births. Regina has also supported me after birth with herbs for breastmilk production and general wellbeing. My two children aged three and two are now also regular visitors to Regina, loving their "herbs" and often arguing over whose turn it is to take them. I am so glad I found Regina - she is a marvel!"
- J.P 31yrs old.

"Suffering from anxiety was the beginning of a vicious circle of worrying symptoms that felt real but were really a manifestation of some deep-seated fears. By taking the herbal medicine prescribed to me I learnt to cope with the symptoms and eventually control them to the point where I could live my life normally again. "
- V.T 39yrs old

"I was feeling out of control, my hormonal cycles were erratic and I had feelings of depression. I cannot believe the quick turnaround after taking my herbal formula. I now look back at the dark time and its unbelievable the difference I feel after just 3 months of treatment. Even my cycles are regular now."
- L.L 41 yrs old

"After a long period of grief, I still felt very low with little appetite and feelings of hopelessness and futility. After taking herbal medicine it was as if someone had turned the lights back on. My energy increased and anguish, my constant companion, diminished and disappeared."
- L.H. 55 yrs old

"I had tried several pharmaceutical treatments for my depression & anxiety without any success. I started to use herbal medicine for my condition and found that not only did my physical symptoms decrease but my depression improved. I had no adverse reaction to the treatment and overall my health has improved dramatically."
- S.M. 49 yrs old

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